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Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF)

Overview & Purpose

In 2005, the Vermont General Assembly established the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) through Act 74 (30 V.S.A. § 8015). The purpose of the Fund is to increase the development and deployment in Vermont of cost-effective and environmentally sustainable electric power resources, primarily with respect to renewable energy resources, and the use in Vermont of combined heat and power technologies. The Vision for the CEDF is to serve the citizens of Vermont by increasing local small-scale renewable energy generation while maximizing associated economic development. The Fund coordinates with other state programs and private entities to integrate and advance renewable energy across all sectors of the State’s energy economy.

Goals & Strategies

The CEDF’s primary goal is increased renewable energy generation in Vermont. Supporting the primary goal are four objectives:

  1.  Increase Economic Development
  2.  Support Vulnerable Vermonters
  3. Decrease Environmental Impact
  4. Increase Cost Effectiveness

In pursuit of the primary goal and three objectives, the CEDF focuses on the following strategies:

  1. Identify deployment barriers to renewable energy development and coordinate with industry, state agencies, and private organizations to develop solutions that overcome those barriers
  2. Strengthen and build the markets for select distributed renewable energy technologies
  3. Build connections between the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency
  4. Increase jobs and revenue in the Vermont Clean Energy (CE) industry sector
  5. Educate and support CE developers and businesses in obtaining other incentives and financing
  6. Support and strengthen CE finance and investment-related activities
  7. Increase the leverage of CEDF monies while helping to drive the costs of CE projects down
  8. Focus support on those CE technologies and CEDF programs that maximize the reduction of Vermont’s energy related carbon emissions
  9. Promote lessons learned, success stories, impacts, challenges associates with CEDF funding activities
  10. Continually evaluate programs, activities, and outcomes in order to adjust programs as necessary to meet goals

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