Public Service issues an RFP for the Maintenance of Solar Power Systems

14 May 2019

The Department of Public Service seeks a to establish a contract for maintenance of solar power systems deployed in ten rural towns in Vermont. RFP responses are due by May 31, 2019. For more information please see PSD Solar Power System Maintenance RFP 5-14-19. Bidders can review the system manual  and schematic for more information. 

Questions and Responses, posted May 30, 2019.

The power systems were designed for 200 watts average and continuous power, and 250 watts peak power.  They have solar panels (9 x 275 watt PV panels for 2475 peak watt) for continuous charging, with a battery of 8 modules (24 VDC) with a capacity of 1200 amp hours, to provide approximately 5 days of system autonomy.   The systems are all net metered and provide both 110 VAC and 24 VDC output.