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John Dillon Public Records Request

John Dillon, November 28, 2018, requested: “All communication – including emails, memos, text messages or other forms [sic] communication – between Brian Winn and department staff and the commission in which he allegedly expressed concerns about the delay in hiring consultants in the current GMP rate case (See item 8 of Winn’s 11/27/18 letter to PUC.); All communication regarding limits on discovery in the case, and limits on the on [sic] time scheduled for witnesses to review documents. (See item 10 of Winn’s 11/27/18 letter to PUC.); All communication regarding whether department staff or witnesses should raise the issue of “prudency” in this or the GMP rate case that was litigated last year; All communication regarding witness testimony being altered to reflect the department’s policy position, including whether short-term incentive costs should be excluded from the case.  (See item 11 in Winn’s 11/27 letter to the PUC, in which he refers to handwritten notes and “inter-department emails” referring to this issue; A copy of Brian Winn’s severance agreement with the state, referenced in item 14 of this 11/27 PUC letter.” [The Department is not producing this requested document as it is exempt from disclosure pursuant to 1 V.S.A. §317(c)(7).]

Documents provided by the Department of Public Service: