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Public Access


Vermont Public Utility Commission Rule 8.400 establishes the Public, Educational, & Government Access (PEG Access) obligations of all cable providers in Vermont. PEG Access television channels are run by the community and provide the equipment, facilities and opportunity for community members to produce local programming, from covering government and local sporting events, to educational shows and entertainment programming.

Vermont Access Network

The Vermont Access Network (VAN), a non-profit corporation established to promote an interest in the effective operation and advancement of Public, Education and Governmental Access (PEG Access) centers in Vermont, maintains a list on its website of all the PEG entities in the state. It is the mission of VAN to further the goals of Vermont's PEG organizations and to foster free speech, interconnectivity and community discourse through the use of current and future communications technologies.

Alliance for Community Media

The Alliance for Community Media provides extensive information on its website about Public, Education and Governmental Access (PEG Access) around the United States and the rest of the world.