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Telecom Annual Report Submissions

When submitting a Telecom Annual Report form, here are the steps for a successful submission.

1. Download the applicable Telecom Annual Report Forms, now in PDF format, from the Annual Report Forms Download Page by following the link below:

Annual Report Forms Download Page

2. Once the blank Annual Report PDF form has completed downloading, please open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Adobe Acrobat is free, and can be acquired from the following link if you do not have a copy already installed on your computer. Get Adobe Acrobat.

3. After completing the PDF form, save to your desktop.  You should also gather any supplemental documentation required to upload with your annual return.  Once ready please click on the appropriate link below to upload your return and supplemental documents.

Upload Completed Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier Annual Return Form

Upload Completed Competitive Telecommunications Carrier Annual Return Form

Upload Completed Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone Annual Return Form

Upload Completed Commercial Mobile Radio Service Provider Annual Return Form

Consumer protection standards

Disconnection or limitation of service

Service quality

Slamming and authorization to change service

Tariff filings