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Vermont Universal Service Fund


The Vermont Universal Service Fund (VUSF) was established by Vermont law in 1994  through the enactment of 30 V.S.A. § 7501 for the purpose of creating a financial structure that will allow every Vermont household to obtain basic telecommunications service at an affordable price, and to finance that structure with a proportional charge on all telecommunications transactions that interact with the public switched network.

The VUSF supports five purposes in the following order of funding:

The statutes governing the VUSF can be found on the Legislature's Vermont Statutes web page. They include:

How the VUSF is funded

The VUSF statute provides for the imposition of a universal service surcharge on all retail telecommunications service provided to a Vermont address. All telecommunications providers must bill their customers for the VUSF charge, and deposit the funds collected through the surcharge in the VUSF fund.

VUSF annual audits

The VUSF is audited by an independent auditor annually. The reports from the auditors are posted below.

YE 6/30/2023 Audit

YE 6/30/2023 Cover Letter

YE 6/30/2022 Audit

YE 6/30/2022 Cover Letter

YE 6/30/2021

YE 6/30/2020

YE 6/30/2019, Cover Letter

YE 6/30/18, Cover Letter

YE 6/30/17

YE 6/30/16

YE 6/30/15 & 6/30/14, Cover Letter

YE 6/30/14 & 6/30/13

YE 6/30/13 & 6/30/12

VUSF Administrator

The VUSF is administered through a contract awarded following competitive bid by the PSD. The current contractor for the Vermont Universal Service Fund is Solix Inc. The monthly performance reports are posted below.

V.U.S.F. 2022 budget projection

V.U.S.F 2021 budget projection

V.U.S.F 2022 budget projection

V.U.S.F 2023 budget projection


V.U.S.F Report September 2021

V.U.S.F Report October 2021

V.U.S.F Report November 2021

V.U.S.F Report December 2021

V.U.S.F Report January 2022

V.U.S.F Report February 2022

V.U.S.F Report March 2022

V.U.S.F Report April 2022

V.U.S.F Report May 2022

V.U.S.F Report June 2022

V.U.S.F Report July 2022

V.U.S.F Report August 2022

V.U.S.F. Report September 2022

V.U.S.F. Report October 2022

V.U.S.F. Report November 2022

V.U.S.F. Report December 2022

V.U.S.F. Report January 2023

V.U.S.F. Report February 2023

V.U.S.F. Report March 2023

V.U.S.F. Report April 2023

V.U.S.F. Report May 2023

V.U.S.F. Report June 2023

V.U.S.F. Report July 2023

V.U.S.F. Report August 2023

V.U.S.F. Report September 2023

V.U.S.F. Report October 2023


Vermont Telecommunications Relay Service

The Vermont Telecommunications Relay Service (Vermont Relay) is a free service for all Vermonters, connecting individuals who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard-of-hearing, or have a speech disability with users of standard telephones. Whether calling on a standard telephone or a caption or text telephone, relay makes communication simple, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information on this service please visit Vermont-Relay.

Prepaid Wireless

Pursuant to Act 79, enacted in 2019, the collection method for the VUSF surcharge on the sale of prepaid wireless services changed from a wholesale collection model to a point-of-sale collection model. This new collection method takes effect January 1, 2020 and will be administered through the Vermont Department of Taxes. Please check back here for updates regarding this change. In the meantime Wireless prepaid receipts are being collected in the same manner as outlined in the Public Utility Commission's order of September 3, 2014 (linked below).

PUC order on prepaid wireless contributions