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2018 Connectivity Initiative Pre-RFP Opportunity to Contest Broadband Data

2018 Connectivity Initiative Pre-RFP Opportunity to Challenge Underserved Locations

The Department of Public Service, through its Division for Telecommunications and Connectivity, will be offering a single round of grant funding for 2018 under the Connectivity Initiative to deploy broadband to under-served communities throughout Vermont. Applications for funding from the Connectivity Initiative are open to Internet service providers (ISPs).  There are 20,898 conditionally eligible locations, see link below to the interactive map of underserved locations.

Eligible Location Challenge Process

 An internet service provider may challenge the underserved status of any eligible or conditionally eligible location up until September 28, 2018. Under this process, the Department will remove any contested location from the list of eligible locations in exchange for a written promise from the internet service provider that it serves, or will serve by a date certain, the contested location(s) at a speed of at least 4/1 Mbps. This promise will take the form of a written agreement executed by the internet service provider and the Department of Public Service. The Department will make available a list of contested addresses as it receives them. 

2018 Connectivity Initiative Pre-RFP Contest Map

List of Addresses