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January 26, 2021. CEDF Files Fiscal Year 2020 Report with the Legislature


January 12, 2021. CEDF Releases Residential Clean Heating & Cooling Guide

A new, free guide produced for the Vermont Public Service Department will help homeowners navigate the process heating and cooling their homes with clean energy.

Public Service Department's Press Release regarding the new Clean Heating & Cooling Guide.


November 9, 2020. Public Comment Request on the Future of the CEDF

The CEDF and the CED Board seeks to provide information regarding the Clean Energy Development Fund and solicit comments about the future of the CEDF. The CEDF successfully designed and administered clean energy incentives and market development programs for the last thirteen years, but it will not have sufficient funds to meaningfully exist after the bulk of its existing funds are expended over the next one to two years. The Department of Public Service, though its Clean Energy Development Fund and the appointed Clean Energy Development Board, are investigating options for the CEDF including the possibility of shutting it down, and to solicit public comments and ideas regarding the future of the CEDF.


September, 2020.  CEDF releases 2020 Clean Energy Finance Report.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CEDF directed the 2020 Clean Energy Finance Report to focus on financing programs and products that could have high impact and be relatively quick to implement. The products in this report were highlighted by a set of Vermont lenders and implementers as tools and programs that could be brought to scale swiftly. This document is intended as a high-level review of these opportunities.


August 12, 2020.  Coal Heating Change-out Adder.   The CEDF is now offering Vermont home and business owners additional cash incentives to switch from coal to advanced wood heating. 

A homeowner that changes-out a coal stove or boiler with an eligible pellet stove or central wood heating system can receive up to 50% of the cost (or $10,000, whichever is less) as an incentive from the CEDF, including disposal costs for old coal systems. The added cash incentive is in addition to the existing $3,000 available from the CEDF for a pellet boiler/furnace. New pellet heating systems are also eligible for incentives and financing through Efficiency Vermont. Businesses can receive up to $30,000 towards a coal heating system change-out.

To qualify for the additional incentives:

  • The existing coal heater (coal stove, boiler, or furnace) must be installed and functional. The coal heater being removed must be destroyed/recycled.
  • The new advanced wood heating system installed must be eligible for the CEDF pellet boiler/furnace incentive or if it is a wood stove it must be Step Two EPA  certified with a <2.0 GPH emissions rating and an EPA rating of >70% efficient as measured by the Higher Heating Value.

For more information and to apply for this incentive go to:


July, 2020  The Vermont Public Service Department announces the release of the 2020 Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report, the seventh annual report describing the status and characteristics of Vermont’s clean energy industry.


February, 2020  Bulk Pellet Storage Incentives Available.

The CEDF, through its Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program, is providing a cash incentive to Vermonters that purchase an eligible bulk pellet storage bin from a Participating Vendor.

Pellet stove (must be EPA 2015 or 2020 certified), pellet boiler/furnace, and pellet sap evaporator owners are eligible to apply for a cash voucher. The voucher will cover up to $3,000 or 85%, whichever is less, of the total storage bin/materials cost (not including labor).  The program will operate on a first-come first-served basis until all funds are spent or June 12, 2020, whichever comes first. Funds remaining will be posted at and ample notice will be given prior to the end of the program.  


Evaluation of CEDF's Advanced Wood Heating Programs.  Completed by the Cadmus Group, October, 2019





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