Recent Announcements

October 12, 2021. CEDF Releases RFP for Admin. of Small-Scale RE Incentive Program.

September 29, 2021. CEDF Releases Draft $5 million ARPA Allocations

The Clean Energy Development Board will discuss this draft at their October 1st Meeting.

September 29, 2021. CEDF Releases a Draft Outline of the $10M Community-scale Renewable Energy Program for Low-income.

  • This PDF is a one-page description of the draft program.
  • This PDF is a one-page flow-chart of the draft program.

The Clean Energy Development Board will discuss these drafts at their October 1st Meeting.

September 27, 2021. Responses to the RFI Issued on July 18, 2021.

This PDF is a compilation of the responses the Public Service Department (Department) recieved in reply to the request for information issued regarding the design and implementation of an Community-Scale Renewable Energy Program for Low-income Vermonters.

July 18, 2021. Request For Information Released

The Public Service Department released a Request For Information (RFI) regarding the design and implementation of an Affordable Community-Scale Renewable Energy Program (Program). The Program was created by the Vermont General Assembly in Act 74 of the 2021 legislative session. Act 74 appropriates $10 million to the Department of Public Service (Department) for the Program to “support the creation of renewable energy projects for Vermonters with low-income” and stipulates that the Program shall be developed “consistent with the parameters of the Clean Energy Development Fund". Responses to this RFI were due Wednesday August 18, 2021.


July 2, 2021. CED Board Approves Fiscal Year 2022 Program Plan & Budget

The FY ’22 plan does not include the federal ARPA money appropriated to the PSD for CEDF clean energy programs & projects. The $10 million for the Affordable Community-scale Renewable Energy Program and the $5M to be allocated by the CED Board will have a separate public engagement and decision making processes. The FY’22 Plan and Budget allocates the existing CEDF and CEDF-ARRA funds that, mostly, are committed to existing grants, obligations, and programs. The CEDF is finalizing the FY’22 Plan before the ARPA funded programs are developed the ARPA funded programs as the CED Board needs to approve the FY’22 budget and plan so the CEDF can keep existing programs operating into the new fiscal year.  


June 7, 2021.  CEDF releases the 2021 Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report.

This is the eighth annual report the CEDF has released on the state of employment in Vermont's clean energy economy. The report shows that while the Vermont clean energy industry showed signs of resiliency the loss of jobs due to the Coronavirus was pronounced across all sectors of Vermont's clean energy industry. BW Research Partnership, Inc. has conducted and written these industry reports under contract to the Clean Energy Development Fund.


January 26, 2021. CEDF Files Fiscal Year 2020 Report with the Legislature


January 12, 2021. CEDF Releases Residential Clean Heating & Cooling Guide

A new, free guide produced for the Vermont Public Service Department will help homeowners navigate the process heating and cooling their homes with clean energy.

Public Service Department's Press Release regarding the new Clean Heating & Cooling Guide.


November 9, 2020. Public Comment Request on the Future of the CEDF

The CEDF and the CED Board seeks to provide information regarding the Clean Energy Development Fund and solicit comments about the future of the CEDF. The CEDF successfully designed and administered clean energy incentives and market development programs for the last thirteen years, but it will not have sufficient funds to meaningfully exist after the bulk of its existing funds are expended over the next one to two years. The Department of Public Service, though its Clean Energy Development Fund and the appointed Clean Energy Development Board, are investigating options for the CEDF including the possibility of shutting it down, and to solicit public comments and ideas regarding the future of the CEDF.


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