Vermont Communications Union Districts

What is a Communications Union District (CUD)?

A Communications Union District (CUD) is an organization of two or more towns that join together as a municipal entity to build communication infrastructure together. For more information see Title 30: Public Service, Chapter 82: Communications Union Districts in Vermont state statutes. For more information, please review the Communications Union Districts FAQ

Contact Information

F. X. Flinn, Chair
Jeremy Hansen, Chair
NEK Community Broadband
Evan Carlson, Chair; Kristen Fountain, Vice Chair
Christa Schute, Executive Director
Ann Manwaring, Chair
Southern Vermont Communications Union District
Eric Hatch, Chair
Lamoille FiberNet
Jane Campbell, Chair
Val Davis, Executive Director
Maple Broadband
Steve Huffaker, Chair
Otter Creek Communications Union District
Bill Moore, Chair
Northwest Communications Union District
Everett McGinley, Chair

Map of Current Communications Union Districts

Vermont Communications Union Districts