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Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program

Final Call for Comments on BEAD Initial Proposal Volume 2

While the public comment period has officially closed, we would like to provide an updated, post-public comment period draft and one last opportunity for input. If you have any final feedback for us, please submit it by EOD Tuesday, November 7. Thank you!

Vermont BEAD Volume 2 Post-Public Comment Draft

Vermont BEAD Volume 2 Post-Public Comment Draft (Redlined)


Vermont BEAD Five-Year Action Plan - The Five-Year Action Plan describes Vermont’s broadband goals and priorities and serves as a comprehensive needs assessment that will inform the State’s Initial Proposal.

The Initial Proposal describes to the federal government Vermont's plans to use $229 Million of BEAD (Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment) money available from the federal government. It is broken into two volumes. BEAD Initial Proposal Volume 1 includes initial identification of unserved and underserved locations​, definition of community anchor institutions, and proposed pre-challenge process location modifications and challenge process to modify the federal mapping data and make it more relevant to Vermont.

Draft BEAD Initial Proposal Volume 2 outlines the process Vermont will use to select the Internet Service Providers who will receive BEAD money to build out unserved and underserved addresses and details the requirements these providers must meet to be eligible for funding.

View, download, and update data on our new portal. It includes information on underserved and unserved addresses and Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs). CAIs are places that “facilitate greater use of broadband service by vulnerable populations,” such as schools, libraries, health clinics, and many more.

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Vermont BEAD Five-Year Action Plan and Initial Proposal Volume 1 Webinar Summary

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