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This page has information regarding utility reporting forms and other information for natural gas utilities.

Natural Gas Annual Report Submissions

Before getting started please review the Guidelines for Utilities to Submit Annual Reports:

When submitting a Natural Gas Annual Report form, here are the steps for a successful upload and Gross Revenue Tax payment, both due by Thursday, April 15th, 2021.

1. Download the Utilities Annual Report for Submission Template (excel spreadsheet):

2. Once the Annual Report template has opened, save the file locally.            

3. After completing the Annual Report form and saving locally and gathering any supplemental electronic documentation required to upload with your annual report, you are ready to upload.  Once ready, locate the upload link in the earlier Courtesy Reminder email sent by the Department.

4. Upload the completed Annual Report form and any necessary supplemental documentation.

5. Print the Computation of Gross Revenue Tax (GRT) page (4th tab on the spreadsheet) and mail with payment (payable to the Vermont Department of Public Service) to:

Vermont Department of Public Service
112 State Street, 3rd floor
Montpelier, VT 05620-2601

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