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The Engineering Division is comprised of engineers specializing in the areas of electricity, nuclear power, natural gas and pipeline safety. The division is responsible for reviewing facility investment plans by companies in these fields and provides the Public Advocacy Division with technical analysis and expert testimony. Engineering Division staff perform inspections at certain facility sites in the state, including Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station, liquefied petroleum gas (LP gas) sites, and natural gas pipelines. The division also staffs the State Emergency Operations Center during emergencies affecting energy supplies. Additionally, the division serves as the Department of Public Service's (PSD) interface with regional reliability organizations such as the Northeast Power Coordinating Council and the New England Independent System Operator, and monitors and participates in electric market restructuring activities on behalf of the PSD.

For information on subjects related to the Engineering Division's scope, please see the following sections:

Natural Gas and Propane
Dig Safe/Underground Utility Damage Prevention