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Retail Prices of Heating Fuels

In collaboration with the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the Department of Public Service (PSD) conducts a regular survey of local heating fuel retailers in order to collect a sample of unit prices charged to Vermont customers. The Heating Fuel Price Survey (HFPS) is conducted weekly during the heating season, from October to March, and monthly during the April-to-September time frame. Respondents are asked to report unit prices offered for payment plan purchases  (i.e., the credit price), as well as any discounted unit prices offered for payment-in-full purchases  (i.e., the cash price). The table below presents the simple average of all prices collected during each month of the year -- including both full cash prices and discounted credit prices. Note, the EIA also calculates and reports average heating fuel prices in Vermont, using a different averaging methodology that weights reported prices with an estimated volume of the supplier’s unit sales and a smaller sample frame with fewer survey respondents.