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COVID Response Telecommunications Recovery Plan

The Vermont Department of Public Service has released the Draft COVID-Response Telecommunications Recovery Plan, and is seeking public comments and feedback on the Plan.

The COVID-Response Telecommunications Recovery Plan was commissioned under Sec. 15 of Act 137 (2020) by the Vermont legislature and funded through the federal CARES Act. The purpose of the Plan is to “reassess the State’s critical connectivity needs in light of the COVID-19 public health emergency and to reevaluate broadband deployment objectives going forward.”  

The Plan was prepared by the independent consulting firm CTC Energy and Technology, in partnership with the Vermont-based Rural Innovations Strategies, and incorporates feedback from consumers who filled out a survey regarding their need for broadband services in light of the COVID-19 Emergency, as well as a link to a speed test to provide information about broadband speeds in real time. 

The Plan was finalized on December 20, 2020.