Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Vermont has one natural gas distribution company, Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. (VGS). VGS serves approximately 40,000 customers in Northwestern Vermont and continues to increase its customer base. The Public Utility Commission (PUC) regulates natural gas commerce in Vermont.


The sale of propane is not regulated by the Vermont Public Service Board. However, the Vermont Attorney General does have certain oversight of heating fuel in general and propane in particular. Information on these topics can be found at:


The Public Service Department carries out the State's responsibilities with respect to natural gas and propane safety and has regulatory authority over natural gas safety, and the safety of specific propane facilities (Guidance Identifying Jurisdictional Propane Pipeline Systems).

Immediate Reporting of Incidents to Pipeline Systems

Upon knowledge of a gas leak incident, operators of natural gas and propane systems are required to immediately notify the Public Service Department and the Public Service Board. Please reference, Gas Leak Event Notification and Reporting Requirements Involving Jurisdictional Propane Pipeline Systems in Vermont.

Reports & Inspection Forms

Dig Safe®

Vermont law requires that individuals, including homeowners, notify Dig Safe® at least 48-hours before excavating on public and private property, rights of ways and easements. These pages have been assembled to provide additional information to help excavators, homeowners, and utility operators avoid damages, protect personal and public safety and achieve the perfect excavation. For more information, please see the Underground Utility Damage Prevention page.

Engineering Division

For information about the Engineering Division, please see the Divisions page.