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Voice Services over Non-Powered Facilities

Why doesn’t the telephone work during a power outage?

In the traditional copper telephone network, service is powered at a provider’s central office; copper lines are powered by commercial electric power (and battery back-up) serving the central office. Because fiber-optic lines (like cable) do not conduct electricity, they cannot be powered in the same way at the central office; they must be powered at the customer location.

What options are available to maintain my telephone service during a power outage?

  • Contact your telephone service provider for advice.
  • Get familiar with your telephone equipment, know where your battery backup is located and install fresh batteries on a regular basis.  Battery backup devices for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone or fiber service will not power cordless phones, medical devices, home alarm/fire systems, your Internet or TV service, or any other peripheral devices.
  • Use your phone sparingly during a power outage to avoid depleting the battery.
  • If you have a cell phone, keep it charged up to be ready in advance of a power outage.
  • Consider installing a generator or another alternative back-up power source.