Interactive Broadband Map

If you need internet access at home to support your children’s educational needs, for medical care or to work from home, there is an interactive map that allows users to view broadband speed information for all locations in the state.  You can also fill out a survey integrated with the map about your Internet needs.

Interactive Broadband Map and Survey

The Department is collecting any information that you can provide to reach out to Internet service providers and other utilities to see what can be done to help you get Internet at your home address. This information will be used to identify locations where students lack access to the Internet or where consumers want service to be improved. Responses, without identifying information, may be shared with service providers.

The map shows the maximum reported broadband speed available at each location.  The legend, available on the map by clicking the "Legend" button in the upper left, and copied below, depicts what the colors on the map show.

Internet service providers voluntarily provide information annually to the Department about where they offer service, and the speeds they offer.  The Broadband High-Speed Internet Availability in Vermont page presents this information in static printable map format and offers statistics by town.

If you are not able to enter your address on the map, the Consumer Affairs & Public Information (CAPI) Division can help. Just call 1-800-622-4496 and a CAPI specialist will work with you and enter your information on the map.