Reports & Documents

This page provides links to various reports and documents that have been released by the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF). These include the Annual Fiscal Year Program Plan and Budget, Annual Report to the Legislature, Strategic Plan, 2016 Wood Heating Baseline Report, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Report, Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report, and CEDF Project Map from 2009.

Annual Fiscal Year Program Plan and Budget

The purpose of the Annual Fiscal Year Program Plan and Budget is to identify the initiatives and programs that the CEDF will pursue during the fiscal year and to establish an annual budget for expenditure and program allocation of CEDF funds. The Annual Fiscal Year Program Plan and associated budget represent the CEDF’s efforts to use the funds available to meet the legislated purpose of the CEDF, as well as the goals and strategic approach adopted in CEDF’s current Strategic Plan.

Annual Report to the Legislature

The purpose of the Annual Report is to account for the fiscal year activity of the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF). The report shows how State CEDF monies were distributed to meet the goals of the CEDF and the State Legislature (and the ARRA legislation for those years in which ARRA funds were expended). The report is intended to provide information to the Governor of Vermont, the State Legislature, stakeholders and the citizens of Vermont.

Strategic Plans

The Strategic Plan provides a framework for the Clean Energy Development Fund, including how the funds will be managed and how they will be distributed to meet the goals of the Fund.

Wood Heating in Vermont

Information on the 2019 State-wide can be found at the Renewable Energy Resource Center web site.

The purpose of this baseline assessment was to determine and document the state of the Vermont wood heat market and sector in 2016, so that further market development progress can be measured against a specific point in time. This 2016 baseline will also help evaluate the effectiveness of the various wood heat support programs in the future.

Two Page Summary of The 2016 Wood Heating Baseline Report

Vermont Clean Energy Industry Reports

These reports provide detailed information on the continued growth of the clean energy industry in Vermont. BW Research Partnership, Inc., has conducted and written the past three industry reports under contract to the Clean Energy Development Fund.

This clean energy finance market report will be issued annually for three years by the Energy Futures Group under contract to the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) of the Public Service
Department (PSD).

Vermonter's Guide to Residential Solar

  • Vermonter's Guide to Residential Solar (2018)  There are many ways to build and finance a solar PV system, and navigating these options can be challenging. This guide (revised since the original 2016 version) aims to help homeowners decide whether it makes sense for them to go solar, and if so, how. The guide, “A Vermonter’s Guide to Residential Solar,” was written by the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) for the CEDF and Vermont Department of Public Service. It is divided into sections so that readers can refer to relevant information at different points in the decision-making and installation process.

ARRA Final Report

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) was signed into law by President Obama in February 2009. Through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Vermont Department of Public Service (PSD) was allocated $31,592,500 in ARRA funds. The one-time federal stimulus presented a substantial opportunity for the PSD to expand the scope and rate of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy development in Vermont, an effort that will have lasting economic and environmental benefits.

This report details the deployment of the $31.5 million in ARRA funds by the CEDF and the Department of Public Service between 2009 and 2012.  All of the information presented in this report is based on the estimated impacts projected by the ARRA award recipients. Brief case studies highlight the breadth of energy projects which have benefitted from ARRA funding.

CEDF Project Map

This map details the feasibility and implementation projects that have been funded by the CEDF between August 2007 and April 2009. Projects are differentiated as small-scale or large-scale (commercial, municipal, or non-profit) and the number of projects per town is indicated.