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2011 Plan


The Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP) addresses Vermont’s energy future for electricity, thermal energy, transportation, and land use. This document represents the efforts of numerous state agencies and departments, and input from stakeholders and citizens who shared their insights and knowledge on energy issues. The CEP can be downloaded from this website or may be viewed at the office of the Department of Public Service, 112 State Street, Montpelier during regular business hours.

2011 Plan

The release of the Final CEP 2011 includes the CEP Public Involvement Report II (above). This document summarizes the written comments received during the second public comment period, between the release of the CEP Public Review Draft (CEP) on September 13, 2011 and the close of the public comment period on November 4, 2011. Over 1,380 written comments were received via email, the Comprehensive Energy Plan website, and hard copy between July 15 and November 4. Approximately 350 stakeholder groups, including municipal, business, and non-profit entities, submitted comments. Over 830 form-letter comments were signed and submitted by members of at least three different organizations. Over 200 comments were submitted by individual members of the general public.

During the first public comment period, from March 2011 to July 15, 2011, prior to the release of the Public Review Draft, over 7,800 comments were submitted. Over 7,000 of these first-period comments were form letters, signed and submitted by members of at least two different organizations (many of these were personalized by the signers). Nearly 200 other comments were submitted by various municipal, business, and non-profit entities, including members of the general public. Find the Public Involvement Report I, for the first public comment period, on the Publications, Presentations page.

During the nearly two-month public comment period, the Department of Public Service held five public hearings to receive input on the Public Review Draft 2011 CEP. For the transcripts of each hearing refer to the 2011 Public Hearing Transcripts section, below.




2011 Public Review Draft

Public Review Draft, 2011 Comprehensive Energy Plan (Released September 13, 2011)


Public Hearings



Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network (VECAN) Forums on the Energy Plan, Hosted by Regional Planning Commissions - June, 2011


Stakeholder Meetings

Transportation & Land use Stakeholder Meeting - April 7, 2011


Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Meeting - March 22, 2011


Energy Supply & Renewable Energy Stakeholder Meeting - March 22, 2011