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Energy Code Collaborative

Code Collaborative

The purpose of the Code Collaborative was to bring together key energy code stakeholders for an in-depth discussion of energy code-related issues that otherwise could not be addressed during the regular energy code update process. Meetings were held during May and June of 2021.

Code Collaborative Summary

Reference Material

Net-zero by Design Roadmap

Archived Meetings (and associated documents) 

Cross-Cutting Meeting #1, 5/04/2021

Presentation - Meeting Notes

CBES Meeting #1, 5/11/2021

Presentation - C406 Modeling - Meeting Notes

RBES Meeting #1, 5/13/2021

Presentation  - Survey Results - Meeting Notes

CBES Meeting #2, 6/02/2021

Presentation  - Meeting Notes

Cross-Cutting Meeting #2, 6/08/2021

Presentation  - Meeting Notes

Code Collaborative Multifamily Meeting, 6/10/21

Presentation  - Meeting Notes

CBES Meeting #3, 6/14/2021

Presentation  - Meeting Notes