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Act 71 Broadband Construction Grant Program

Act 71 Broadband Construction Program

The Vermont Community Broadband Board (“Board") invites applications to finance the broadband projects of Eligible Providers that are part of a Universal Service Plan. Service providers must achieve speeds of at least 100/100 Mbps symmetrical at all on-grid underserved and unserved locations within their Universal Service Plan.

Eligible applicants are (A) a Communications Union District (“CUD”); (B) a small communications carrier; or (C) an Internet service provider working in conjunction with a Communications Union District to expand broadband service to unserved and underserved locations as part of a plan to achieve universal broadband coverage in the District.

Note: Under Act 71, Municipalities are not considered eligible applicants, but are encouraged to actively work with a provider to apply for funding.

Request for Proposals
Issued - January 18, 2022. Updated January 26, 2023. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Eligible Locations
Locations without a reliable, wireline connection of at least 25/3 Mbps are considered underserved and eligible for the program. This map of eligible locations was developed by Stone Environmental in partnership with the VCBB - updated on 11/30/22.

Funding Breakdown by Universal Service Plan - Towns & Communications Union Districts (spreadsheet)
The Vermont Department of Public Service conducted an analysis showing 18,679 total road miles in Vermont. The Department then classified all road segments by whether they have access to service from fiber or cable, and whether there are any E-911 addresses on those road segments. The resulting mileage (served or with no addresses) was subtracted from the total road mileage in each town or CUD.  For this initial launch of the Construction Program, the following percentages will guide Board decisions on the allocation of funds. The Board reserves the right to adjust this as additional information becomes available. 

Outside Plan Design Standards for All Projects 

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions received will be posted at this link.

Applicant Certification Form

Mapping, Data, and Overbuild Policy (12 12 22)