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Broadband Resources for Towns

Access to high-speed broadband internet is a major challenge for residents and businesses in rural Vermont. The State of Vermont is committed to ensuring that all Vermonters have the best available high-speed internet access.

Broadband deployment is a mature, capital-intensive, and highly competitive business.  For underserved areas, the business model is very challenging. However, the success of community and regional models across the country demonstrate that bringing high-speed internet to rural communities is possible.

This guide is designed to serve as a starting point to provide basic information and guidance to explore options and to be a resource for both communities and potential providers. Information will be updated over time with the input of community groups, businesses, and lenders.

If your town is interested in a presentation on broadband or would like to request technical assistance from the Department of Public Service, please contact Rob Fish at or 802-522-2617.

For additional planning resources please see National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA) publication BroadbandUSA's Planning a Community Broadband Roadmap.

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