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Building Energy Code Study Committee

Building Energy Code Study Committee


Act 47, passed in 2023, required the Public Service Department to set up an Energy Code Compliance Study Committee.

The purpose of the Committee is as follows:

  1. consider and recommend strategies to increase awareness of and compliance with the RBES and CBES.
  2. evaluate current cost-effectiveness.
  3. assess how the building energy codes interact with the fire and building safety codes.

Study Committee Members

  • Christopher Bray – VT Senate (Committee Chair)
  • Scott Campbell - VT House of Representatives
  • Sandra Vitzthum - Sandra Vitzthum Architect LLC
  • Craig Peltier - VT Housing and Conservation Board
  • Richard Faesy - Energy Futures Group
  • Kelly Launder – VT Department of Public Service
  • Michael Desrochers – VT Department of Public Safety - Division of Fire Safety
  • Matt Sharpe – Efficiency Vermont
  • Chris Burns – City of Burlington Electric Department
  • Timothy Perrin – Vermont Gas Systems
  • Bob Duncan – A.I.A. and Duncan Wisniewski Architecture
  • Jason Webster - Vermont Builders and Remodelers Association
  • Matt Musgrave - Association of General Contractors of Vermont
  • Ted Brady - Vermont League of Cities and Towns
  • Chris Campany - Windham Regional Planning Commission

Meeting Dates (meeting time, 9:30 AM - noon)

These meetings are scheduled to take place in Giga Conference room located on the 3rd floor of the Public Service Department at 112 State Street, Montpelier and will be held in person with accommodation for remote participation. Entrance to Department of Public Service offices at rear of building (side facing away from State Street).

The meeting schedule is as follows;

Draft Meeting Work Plan


Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Questions regarding upcoming meeting dates and agendas may be addressed to Keith Levenson at (802) 828 4072 or via e-mail at

Meeting Recording             Agenda                               Minutes                     

     July 14, 2023                       2023.07.14 Agenda          2023.07.14 Approved Minutes        

     July 25, 2023                       2023.07.25 Agenda          2023.07.25 Approved Minutes

     August 8, 2023                    2023.08.08 Agenda          2023.08.08 Approved Minutes

     August 22, 2023                  2023.08.22 Agenda          2023.08.22 Approved Minutes

    September 5, 2023              2023.09.05 Agenda          2023.09.05 Approved Minutes

    September 12, 2023            2023.09.12 Agenda          2023.09.12 Draft Minutes

    October 05, 2023                 2023.10.05 Agenda          2023 .10.05 Draft Minutes


Committee Meeting Reference Materials

Meeting Materials for 8/8/23

Comparison of all 50 States' Building Codes updated 0904

Detailed Comparison of States' Energy Codes

Comparison of States’ Energy Codes - Commentary

Proposed MINIMUM Scenario for Vermont Energy Codes and Related Matters

Meeting Materials for 8/22/23

Michael Desrochers Energy Code Presentation

Walt Adams Energy Code Presentation

Jason Webster Energy Code Presentation

Sandy Vitzhum Energy Code Presentation

Bob Duncan Energy Code Presentation

Matt Musgrave Energy Code Presentation

AIA HBRA EFG - Joint Statement

Meeting Materials for 9/12/23

Act 47 BECSC Test agreement v.9-11-23

BECSC report outline 9-8-23 | Sandy Vitzhum Edits

Recommended CBES Phasing by AIAVT

Recommended RBES Phasing by VBRA

HERS Rating Research

Vermont Contractor Registry Presentation

Contractors Sunrise Report

Meeting Materials for 10/05/23

BECSC Report Outline 9-26-23

Sub-Committee Proposed Cost Effectiveness Subcommittee Recommendations

VT Energy Workforce Development Funding and Initiatives_September 2023

Other Materials