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Act 71 Pre-Construction Make-Ready Policy

Pre-Construction Make-Ready Policy (PDF)


  • Ensure accountability
  • Reduce delays
  • Speed access to funds


  1. Make Ready Applications are allowed
  2. Make Ready Construction is allowed in both the Preconstruction and Construction Program.
  3. Communications Union Districts may only include Make-Ready Construction costs in the preconstruction program if the costs are within their pre-determined preconstruction allotment.
  4. Communications Union Districts must certify that they are taking full advantage of the tariff reduction and submit a detailed overview of their pole applications and strategy if make-ready is included in the application. Accepted applications will be amended to reflect this change.
  5. Make-Ready Construction costs will only be approved for payment when the CUD presents to staff a sufficient level of design specifications that demonstrate and can deliver a high percentage of make-ready accuracy.
  6. Staff can sign off that make ready was approved in the scope of the grant and meets the requirements of #5. The applicant does not need to return to the Board for approval
  7. Communications Union Districts are encouraged to save the 25% upfront to pay for approved Make-Ready Construction to reduce the risk of state delays in issuing payments.
  8. The Staff shall report to the Board any approvals for Make Ready Construction.